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Buy this ProductBerkley FireLine Crystal $ 14.99
The smooth handling superline. Advanced technology FireLine is now 20 percent stronger than before. This thermal filament casts more easily, ties better knots, and stays more hassle-free than conventional braids. Along with exceptional strength, FireLine delivers ultimate sensitivity for instant feel, and the ultrathin diameter provides low visibility and incredible lure action. Click to Buy

Buy this ProductBerkley FireLine $ 14.29
Berkley FireLine is unlike anything you've fished before. It's stronger than monofilament. It casts farther. And it handles as well -- even better in some situations. It doesn't create birds nests by digging into your spool. And it ties easier knots, makes smoother casts, and stays hassle free in any kind of weather. And FireLine is as durable as it is versatile. It won't deteriorate over a lifetime. Ultra-light rays or sunlight won't affect it. And neither will the cold. No other line delivers this combination of easy handling, castability, super strength and sensitivity. And no tackle box should be without it. Click to Buy

Buy this ProductBerkley IronSilk $ 8.29
The world's first Reinforced Polymer Fishing Line. New Berkley IronSilk is truly the next evolution in "tough" or abrasion resistant premium monofilament lines. Not a conventional monofilament, IronSilk is a super polymer. Almost like when iron rebar is used to reinforce concrete, Berkley scientists have discovered how to create a built-in molecular reinforcing network within IronSilk -- a technological breakthrough that dramatically improves durability, abrasion resistance, fighting power, and casting distance.

Tough as Iron

  • 2 to 3 times more abrasion resistant than other leading "tough" lines
  • Greater resistance to nicks, cuts, and line wear than conventional mono
  • Incredible fighting power and multi-directional toughness
  • Ties strong, tight, smooth, and secure knots
  • Reinforcing network preserves line strength under high-stress conditions

    Smooth as Silk

  • Extremely smooth line surface
  • Low co-efficient of friction for long and smooth casts
  • Lower memory/stiffness than other "tough lines"
  • Handles great on casting and spinning reels

    Sensitivity with Shock Strength

  • Low "stretch" -- around 20% ultimate elongation
  • Yet, remarkably resistant to hard hooksets and quick impact Click to Buy

    Buy this ProductBerkley Trilene Big Game $ 7.49
    Trilene Big Game. Fighting Power for Tough Fighting Fish. When things get wild, like when there's a bluefin tuna the size of a Volkswagon® at the end of your line, you need a line with the strength and toughness to meet any challenge. Trilene Big game has the muscle and shock strength to handle even the worst punishment. It features an abrasion resistant formula that runs through the guides with less friction, but has the power to handle big fish in saltwater marathons. In key tensile strength tests, Trilene Big Game outperforms both Ande® and Maxima®. Click to Buy

    Buy this ProductBerkley Trilene Sensation $ 7.99
    Until now, manageability in a low stretch, small diameter, super-strong line was only a dream. But Berkley made it real, with an ultra-sensitive, ultra-strong line that's remarkably abrasion resistant, yet a pleasure to handle and cast. A breakthrough techology called Complex Polymer Alloy makes this extraordinary line possible. New Trilene Sensation gives you total control over your presentation from cast to hookset. You can detect light bites. Small baits cast easier. Crankbaits go deeper. And spinnerbaits run truer. Available in clear, low-vis green, photochromic or solar collector. Spool up today and experience the sensation for yourself! Click to Buy

    Buy this ProductBerkley Trilene XL $ 5.49
    Extra Flexibility for Better Control. Whether you're dipping for panfish or making finesse presentations to bass, you need the superior performance of smooth casting Trilene XL. Why? It's simple - Trilene is stronger and handles better. It's high performance, low memory formulation delivers outstanding handling characteristics. It won't kink. Won't coil. Won't let you down. And no other line's as strong. Trilene XL tests up to 30% stronger than Stren in tensile strength comparisons. No wonder Trilene is America's favorite! Click to Buy

    Buy this ProductBerkley Trilene XT $ 5.49
    Extra Tough. No Nicks. No Cuts. No Kidding. If the hawgs are hiding around rocky ledges, heavy weeds and hostile brush piles, send Trilene XT in to get 'em! XT is simple the toughest mono you can fish. Abrasion-resistant XT is unmatched in its ability to resist friction. In key strength tests, XT outperforms other lines by over 20%. And it delivers 25% more knot strength than Stren® SuperTough. You'll be ready for the roughest underwater terrain with America's strongest, Trilene XT, on your reel. Click to Buy

    Buy this ProductBerkley Vanish Flourocarbon $ 10.99
    The Berkley™ Vanish flourocarbon fishing line is ideal for use with crankbaits in clearwater fishing situations. It is designed to refract light exactly like water doesmaking it virtually invisible underwater. Just like a monofilamentit lays out nicely and casts easily for finesse presentation.

  • Use for clearwater fishing
  • Refracts light exactly like water does
    Click to Buy

    Buy this ProductBerkley Vanish Transition Fluorocarbon Line $ 14.99
    The new Berkley Vanish fluorocarbon line is clear on the store shelf and remains clear as long as it is kept out of the sun. Once in the sun, it "transitions" - physically changing to a deep gold color to enhance angler visibility. Underwater, however, the 100% fluorocarbon line becomes invisible when blocked from the sun's rays. Fish aren't spooked and anglers can detect strikes faster. It's like having two lines in one. 250 yard filler spool.

  • Physically changes color above water so anglers can see more strikes
  • 100% fluorocarbon becomes invisible under water to catch more fish
  • Improved Vanish formula is easy to handle with improved knot strength
  • Non-absorbing fluorocarbon maintains strength and abrasion resistance
    Click to Buy

    Buy this ProductBerkley Trilene Maxx Line $ 8.99
    The best Trilene ever! Superb strength and abrasion resistance with incredible handling and sensitivity. Trilene Maxx is the "no compromise" line offering the castability of Trilene XL and the toughness of Trilene XT. 330 yards. Click to Buy

    Buy this ProductBerkley Trilene Big Cat Line $ 6.29
    Trilene Big Cat is a super-tough monofilament that can go down where the sun don't shine and bring 'em to the light. It's super strong, abrasion resistant, shock absorbent and easy to see. It also casts a mile. For big-time catfish fishing power, there's never been anything like new Trilene Big Cat. Click to Buy

  • Buy this ProductStren Original $ 6.29
    Stren® Original is America’s most recognizable fishing line in the familiar purple box, and the leader in all-around dependability. Time has proven it a winner. Stren Original offers anglers unmatched knot strength, toughness, and handling. Its unique formulation has set it apart from the rest of the field for decades. The dependable choice for any fishing situation. No wonder Stren Original was Rated #1 among monofilaments tested in the October 2001 issue of Sport Fishing Magazine. Now available in a new low-sheen clear that's nearly invisible under water.

    Low Memory - Lays on the reel beautifully, casts like a dream, will not take a set and is always easy to control.

    Superior Knot Strength - Knots draw smoothly and cinch tight. Commonly retains 100% of its line strength.

    Tough/Abrasion Resistant - Stands up to extreme fishing conditions. Click to Buy

    Buy this ProductYo-Zuri Hybrid $ 7.99
    Yo-Zuri Hybrid is a revolutionary combination of fluorocarbon (PVDF) and nylon. It is extruded under extremely close tolerances to provide uniform diameter and strength. Once extruded, it is actually run through a double finishing process adding another double osmot ic coat of fluorocarbon.

    Nylon is a material very well suited to monofilament extrusion. It is a soft, very manageable material with manipulatable properties such as stretch and hardness. Unfortunately, by increasing, say abrasion resistance, often limpness or impact resistance is reduced. Fluorocarbon is highly abrasion resistant and nearly invisible due to a low light refractivity index. Unfortunately, it is inherently stiff, and in order to reduce stiffness, knot and tensile strength is sacrificed. Click to Buy

    Buy this ProductSilver Thread Fluorocarbon $ 12.99
    The legendary strength and flexibility of copolymer Silver Thread is now available with all the advantages of a fluorocarbon line. With a light refractive index nearly identical to water, Silver Thread Fluorocarbon is virtually invisible when submerged. It also offers minimal stretch, in fact it stretches about 30% less than most lines, so you can be assured of exceptional sensitivity, better line control and excellent casting performance. Couple this with fluorocarbon's exceptionally high abrasion resistance and you've got a line that's ready to go anywhere they hide. 200-yard spools. Click to Buy

    Buy this ProductP-Line Fluorocarbon Line $ 14.49
    P-Line's new castable 100% Soft Fluorocarbon is extruded from the highest quality Japanese Fluorocarbon Crystals. With a reflective index very close to that of water, FLUOROCARBON is near invisible in the water, ensuring more strikes. It's been extruded to have very little memory in comparison with other Fluorocarbon lines. UV resistant. Color: Clear. Click to Buy


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