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Buy this ProductBill Lewis Original Rat-L-Trap 1/2 oz $ 3.99
The Original Rat-L-Trap started the evolution of Sound Fishing TM and has since then turned the entire fishing industry on its ear. No one has been able to duplicate or replicate its ability to catch fish day in and day out. The Rat-L-Trap has earned its place in history as the most productive lure ever sold. It's versatility and effectiveness is unmatched. Field & Stream Magazine named it as one of the "Best Lures In World."

Bleeding Craw colors (390, 391, 392, 393) have bright red treble hooks
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Weight: 1/2 oz.
Length: 3
Front Hooks: #4
Back Hooks: #6
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Buy this ProductBandit Lures Crankbaits - 200 Series $ 4.19
Whether fishing shallow or cranking deep water, Bandit provides true-running, out-of-the-box reliability covering the spectrum of opportunities for the serious angler. Demanding attention with its wide wobble and loud rattle that really drive fish wild, Bandits are designed to bring home the strike. 1/4 oz. Dives 4 to 8 feet. Hook size 6.

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Buy this ProductCulprit Original Culprit Worm $ 3.99
A proven leader for more than two-and-a-half decades, the Original Worm has outperformed all others - continuing a tradition of catching more and bigger bass. Its "kicking" tail and unique color selections gives anglers the extra edge. 10" has 10 per pack. 7.5" & 6" have 18 per pack. Click to Buy

Buy this ProductLucky Craft G-Splash Series $ 14.99
The new G-Splash by Lucky Craft was born to be a legend. It has undergone thousands of casts during field testing to make it a truly great fish catcher. The extra large cup of the G-Splash makes an incredible splash that is able to call a monster fish up from deep water. The G-Splash is being designed for use by Lucky Craft's Top 150 pro staff such as Skeet Reese and Gerald Swindle. The big splash would be relied on around western lakes and it also has the perfect body size that would be loved around eastern lakes. You will get a most exciting fishing experience if you keep up a constant twitch-and-pause action during the retrieve.

G-Spalsh 60:Class: Floating, Hook Belly: #6, Length: 2.5", Hook Tail: #6, Weight: 1/4 Oz., Line: 6-8 lbs

G-Splash 80:Class: Floating Hook, Belly: #6, Length: 3", Hook Tail: #6, Weight: 3/8 Oz., Line: 8-10 lbs

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